How to Choose the Right Sinks for Your Kitchen

kitchen sinkskitchen sink

The kitchen sink is one of the most used fittings in any home across the world. Not only is this where your meals are being prepared, washing of utensils is done but it is the centre of activities for many families. In recent times and with so many food programs on national television the kitchen has seen a huge surge in activity and popularity. Comparing it to the model kitchens on these shows has given the renovation and remodelling of kitchen a huge boost. Having a functional and stylish designed sink is vital for the average foodie.

In the old days the sink was mostly hidden and used purely for washing dirty dishes. Many had taps that worked and was connected to an outlet for draining the water. Little time was spent in this area. This changed drastically over the past few years.

Modern sinks are designed and supplied in numerous designs, shapes, colours and materials. Some have build-in garbage disposal units fitted making the work load in the kitchen as little as possible.  Sinks are available in the following material:

Stainless stell




Cast Iron

Kitchen Sink


The type of material for the sink will to a large extent be governed by the style selected for the kitchen. Will it be contemporary, minimalistic, modern or traditional? Each style will demand a sink and accompanying fittings to complement the style. Another factor that will decide on the sink design is what you want to use the kitchen for. Are you gourmet chef or do you prefer take-out meals.

Some factors to take into consideration before deciding on a sink are the following:

      • Do you need drainboards?

      • Is one or two drainboards required?

      • What side should the drainboards be?

      • How big should the basin be?

      • How many basins are required?

      • Is a sound proof sink required?

      • One big bowl one small? Which side is the big bowl on?

      • 2 bowls the same size?

These and many other questions will assist you in finding the ideal sink for your home and make the kitchen the favourite room in the house.