Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure, another common plumbing issue is usually caused by a simultaneous utilization of fixtures in the house. This issue affects you in many other areas around the house and with your schedule. If a low water pressure is only happening to your shower head, then you definitely have to check for obstructions around the shower.

Some of the typical problems that most likely lead to low water pressure include:

  • Pressure Regulators

  • Elevation

  • Valves

  • Leaks

  • Peak Periods

  • Mineral Deposits

Pressure Regulators


This is a bell shaped device which is found below the front hose connection of your home. Sometimes this device just suddenly goes bad which then needs to be replaced. But before calling a professional, a homeowner sometimes take matters into their own hands, which will also lead to much more complicated situations.


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Water is a non-compressible liquid. Water in a pipe exhibits the same pressure as it would if the pipe were perfectly vertical even when it is not. This is why elevation is a very great issue when it comes to low water pressure. You should check the positioning of your tank.


water valves.jpg

Sometimes valves are turned off by accident.


water leak.jpg

This is one of the greatest factors when it comes to low water pressure because the lack of water in the pipe will definitely affect the pressure that is within the pipe. This is why you should be vigilant when it comes to leaks around your house. Don’t let them be because aside from water pressure, it will also affect your water consumption.

Peak Periods


Operating during the same hours for the same day will also affect the water pressure inside your home and so you should be aware of your schedule and make sure not to jive in with the schedule of everyone else when you need strong water pressure the most.

Mineral Deposits

mineral deposits.jpg

These mineral deposits can also be one of the causes of low water pressure. This is so because they might cause clogs that only professionals or chemical cleaners can solve.

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