Simple Ways to Organise your Kitchen

Whether you have a small budget or are planning to make a total remodel, there are simple ways to make improvements that can make a difference.

For quick improvements that won't require a screwdriver, you can get off-the-shelf drawer inserts like the ones found at local retailers. For people who want to compost kitchen scraps, you can place a compost pail on the counter for easy access.

Store dishes below the counter. It is much more ergonomic and accessible for small children. You may also want to install a dish-drawer peg-board system so that the dishes won't bump with each other when the drawer is closed.

For cutting boards, designate separate boards for meat and veggies. You can promote recycling by placing tandem trash that's convenient to use.

Get the most out of every corner by installing a "super susan". It's a spindle less version of lazy susan. You’ll be glad how much this can help your storage needs. If you want your kitchen to have the functionality of a kitchen restaurant, using an open shelve cabinet is the best way to store your condiments.

Enamel and glass baking dishes are noisy and heavy when placed together. You should consider a shallow drawer for these items and a deeper one for metal baking pans that are lighter and nest more easily.

To maximize the counter space, you can place the microwave below the counter. You can also install a dishwasher so that you can get the dirty dishes out of the counter to free space.

The whole process of organising the kitchen can be quite difficult, you may consider working with a professional organiser. When it comes to designing kitchens, a professional who specialises in kitchens can do great.  

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