Things to Consider When Buying a Laundry Sink

What am I going to use the sink for?

Firstly, you should ask yourself, “What is the use of the sink”? Is it going to be placed in your kitchen, your bathroom, or your laundry? Some sinks can be multi-use, but others are too large to fit in certain areas. You need to know where you are going to place the sink before buying. In the laundry, it may require a space to hold a huge basket of clothes for you and your children. Or, if you’re still single and do not need so much space, buy a sink which would fit only for you. Consider how frequent you use the sink before making any decisions.


Which size sink do I need?

If you’re only doing small jobs in the laundry station, a small sink is just fine. If you need to soak a basketful of stained uniforms, you should have something larger. Also, consider the available space for laundry, especially if you will buy a larger sink. Do I want a freestanding, wall-mounted or counter mounted sink? Many people like the traditional freestanding laundry tub, and this is a good choice for areas where you have enough space for a big sink. Keep in mind that you’ll need an available wall area sturdy enough to hold a tub full of water. On the other side, you can store things underneath both of these types of sinks. If you don’t need a large sink, your money and space might be better utilised with a counter mounted version. Counter mounted sinks will provide you the most versatility in style and construction materials since you can use pretty much any sink you want, but you will also have to install a cabinet for them to rest, which can serve as extra hidden storage for laundry items.

What kind of construction material am I looking for? And what can I afford?

Our customers tend to favour stainless steel laundry tubs over the other alternatives we provide. Stainless steel is preferred for commercial applications, due to its strength and heat-resistance. A stainless steel laundry sink is going to be a lot pricier but at the same time it will last longer. The biggest thing to consider when purchasing stainless steel is the gauge you choose. The lower the number, the thicker the steel, we recommend around 20 to 16 gauge. A 22-gauge stainless steel is builder quality and low-priced, but it’s also very thin and isn’t going to wear well. A 14-gauge stainless steel will last longer. If stainless steel isn’t your style, Veritek™ could be the option for you. It’s affordable and it is super easy to maintain. A solid colour runs throughout the material so it won’t tarnish, and it is non-permeable so it’s easy to clean and resists mould and mildew.

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