Top Tips for an Easy Bathroom Maintenance

Looking good is often a key consideration regarding the bathroom. However, there are times that no matter how hard you try to keep up with your daily maintenance, it still ends up looking untidy. How would you like your bathroom to stay fresh and keep sparkling all the time? You can remodel some parts of your bathroom so that minimal cleaning is what it takes for daily maintenance.

In this article, we will give some essential tips on how to get your bathroom to look great but with easy bathroom maintenance.

Colour is the Key

The colour is one of the main factors to consider for easy maintenance of your bathroom. Lighter colours, for instance, can show up dirt easily while darker ones can actually show up soap scum and watermarks. If you want to hide dirt and marks, mid range colors such as greys, neutrals, browns, and even blues are the best way to go.

Seal Your Grout

We all know that tiles are a huge part of bathrooms. But if the grout gets dirty, tiles can look less than their best. To minimize this problem, choose larger tiles as they have the dual advantage of making your bathroom look bigger and there will be less grout to keep it clean. There are also new grout-sealing products available on the market.

Choose Materials Well

As natural and organic bathrooms are becoming popular these days, be aware that natural materials like timber and stone need to be regularly resealed in order for them to keep looking in their best condition. Alternatively, polished porcelain and glazed porcelain are two materials that have a similar look to marble but without the associated cost and maintenance.

Clean Tiles Cleverly

With regards to cleaning your tiles, avoid using heavy detergents because it can cause soap scum build-up. This is equivalent to the build-up in showers from soaps and shampoos. One good option is to use methylated spirits and water or vinegar when cleaning. These are also less harsh chemicals in your bathroom that could be healthy for you as well.